Monday, 11 March 2013

DYI Spartan Costume

Just want to post this simple DYI Spartan helmet and shield we made for our big brother.  Every year its getting harder and more complicated as to what they want to be on Halloween. He wanted to be a Spartan and we didn't really had the time to go around and look for the costume and so we thought we make it ourselves....we had so much fun making it and it actually turned out to be a pretty cool costume :)

 Our little brother at the Pumpkin Patch..

Monday, 23 April 2012

How can I get my four year old son to give up the bottle

My almost four year old son is still on bottles. He drinks on a cup for the others but when it comes to his milk/ "dodo", he wants it on the bottle. We have tried to get him off it so many times that I literally run out of ideas.He never really liked pacifiers or sucked his thumb. He basically ask for it before nap time and before bed. I did limit them  and actually made him eat so he won't ask  during the day but at night time he's really begging for it.We bought so many sippy cups but he won't take them. We even told him that big boys don't drink on the bottle and he totally agree with us but at night he converts himself into a baby so he could drink his "dodo".
 I asked our doctor one time and the told me that it is still okay as he is a picky eater and  he will eventually get off it when he's ready. Well he is taking so long time to do it!. I just wish he would do the same way he did with potty. One day, he just refused to wear diaper and goes to potty by himself. I thought that was easy and a wish come true! I guess you can't have your wishes come true all the time.

For our readers, any suggestion? For those moms who went through the same , what did you do that actually made your kiddo gave up the bottle. I would love to hear your input on this.

Thanks. ;)